What Is Virtual Art?

Never before have people been exposed to so many different images and styles, as the world of imagery has changed quickly over recent years. And never before has the way in which visual artists create images changed so fundamentally. The scale of encroachment of technology and media into work processes is a greater upheaval than other epochs […]

Wayne Thiebaud 100: Celebration Of Food And Life

I don’t like the term ‘artist.’ It is a term which I’m uncomfortable with, but I love the idea of being a cartoonist, a draftsman, a designer, a painter… – Wayne Thiebaud The three crucial things you need to know about Wayne Thiebaud are that:  His last name is pronounced TEE-boh, He does not like to […]

How To Create A Virtual Art Gallery?

A virtual art gallery is not just a website that features images of artists’ creative work, but an interactive experience that can take many forms. Thanks to advancing technologies, along with consumer trends and radical changes in how art collections are curated, everything is pointing the way towards a wonderful digital future for all creatives. Artists should consider […]

The Benefits Of Abstract Art

The more horrifying this world becomes, the more art becomes abstract. – Ellen Key Everyone has seen abstractart. Everyone — from the everyday person to the amateur and professional painter to the renowned art critic — has their opinion on whether they like it or not, understand it or not.  Abstract art, in essence, can […]

The Complete Guide On Virtual Art

Virtual art, virtual reality art, and VR art are all terms used interchangeably to describe the technical virtualization of art. And unlike other art forms, this type of art exists only with the observer, and collapses or erases the distance between the artist (creator), the viewer (recipient), and the art piece itself. Since viewers are […]

How To Set Goals As An Aspiring Artist

Deciding to start an art career is a life-changing moment for any aspiring artist. It takes a lot of courage to take this step and a lot of hard work and discipline to turn your art into a business that will pay your bills. Creative people may easily feel overwhelmed by the business side of their art, […]

Overcoming Your Fear As An Unknown Artist

“Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished? Yes, work never begun.” — Christina Rossetti An array of amazing talents that create fascinating art choose to stay hidden in the privacy of their working spaces because of the crippling fears and doubts they have built around their artwork. Fear is also a fascinating category; at […]

Barbara Kruger And Power Of Words

I work with pictures and words because they have the ability to determine who we are and who we aren’t. -Barbara Kruger Conceptual art carries within it an idea or concept that takes priority over aesthetic and art techniques. Conceptual artists challenge the definition of art and are not afraid to push their boundaries. Such […]

Should I Build A Career As An Artist?

This is a question that aspiring artists have been struggling with for ages. Numerous creative people carry the artistic spark from early childhood, and they feel an urge to express their creative vision. However, as time goes by, many questions, doubts, and fears restrain them from nourishing this gift, and some turn to more “stable” […]

The Complete Guide On How To Pursue An Art Career

People who have recognized the creative spark that ignites their artistic flame need to overcome numerous obstacles to become professional artists. Often they are struggling to find answers to vital questions related to pursuing an art career. Some of these questions are how to set art career goals and establish a recognizable and successful artist brand in […]

How To Build Your Brand And Artist Identity

“Always remember, a brand is the most valuable piece of real estate in the world; a corner of someone’s mind.” – John Hegarty Sometimes, it is hard for aspiring artists to get the much-desired publicity and broader recognition they want, despite the fantastic artwork they create. You should bear in mind that everything revolves around […]

What Are The Different Genres Of Art?

Humans have had the urge to express themselves visually since the beginning of their existence and throughout history. The first examples of preserved human artwork from the Stone Age represented scenes of hunting or gathering around a fire. It seems that our forefathers wanted to leave a trace of their existence in this world by […]