ARTDEX is creating the future of art online, empowering artists and collectors to share, catalog and celebrate their work. Join us today! www.artdex.com

ARTDEX provides a free online and mobile archive and management platform for both your physical and virtual art collection. Whether you’re an artist, art collector, dealer, gallery or simply an art enthusiast, ARTDEX allows you to create and organize your digital art inventory with ease and convenience. Start your virtual collection now to join our growing community!



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    • Thank you Ellen for your inquiry. We’re completely free online service for artists, art professionals and art lovers to organize their art and network with global audiences. You can create a free account on http://www.artdex.com and feel free to send any further questions to staff@artdex.com.

    • Hello Stef,

      Thank you for your inquiry about ARTDEX.

      We provide free online art management tools for artists and artlovers to catalogue their art and connect and network with others to share and promote their art.

      As a digital company, we don’t have our newsletter in print but we issue bi-weekly digital newsletter to our member’s community, a global village of over 135 countries.

      If you’d like, we’ll add your email address to our newsletter list and you’ll receive the next week’s newsletter in email.

      In the meantime, please feel free to send us any further questions and hope to see you join our growing community at ARTDEX soon!

      Yours truly,
      Team ARTDEX

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