Tell us about your background?

I studied painting in the studio of Dan Van Severen, whose approach and imagery had a big influence on me. Besides being an artist, I was also a restorer of plaster and wall paintings, I worked as a graphic arts teacher and had several coordinating and a management jobs in education: mainly in graphic and art education (visual arts and performing arts). In September 2016, I decided to devote myself completely to my work as an artist.

Tell us about your artistic style?

Through my work I try to contribute in essence to the meaningful activation of space in a quiet, simple and refined language … I do not limit myself to visual aids, tools and materials. Although straightforwardly recognizable for many, styles and techniques are strange to me, every work or series is a new search for the creation of an own, refined and intrinsic solution in which regularly unexplored paths present themselves. The only certainty at the start is perhaps the experience with and the growing confidence in the process.

Tell us about a workflow quirk you’ve picked up over your artistic career?

I like to describe my work as ‘fishing the moon out of the pond’, an activity that I strongly relativate within the totality of everything, but which is the most meaningful way for me to live my life, I love to be active in the world of visual art. I work within the context of my fictional global company “Dreams and Thoughts” that is active both regionally and cosmopolitan.

To learn more, please visit Marc Goddefro’s ARTDEX Profile.

“My inspiration, the name of the work sometimes refers to, is versatile: everyday life … a conversation, chat on social media … my annual drawing trip for about two months with a car and a tent… a number … a work of art of myself or made by someone else … a shoebox … a dream or a thought … a story or text … music … can inspire me to create. “

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