Museums Returning Treasures of the Past

Europe’s colonialism in the past is currently a hot topic in the world of art, mostly owing to the debate on whether all looted treasures should return to their countries of origin. In recent years, there have been initiatives for restitution of African art from the museums of Europe. How has the attitude of both […]

Historical Influence of African Art in the Modern Art Movement

In the early 1900s, the Parisian press had the public buzzing with exotic tales about the African kingdom. Exaggerated stories of savagery and cannibalism sparked a fascination for the land that the French were increasingly occupying. But with French colonies expanding throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, the French learned more about the culture, discovering its beauty and […]

Rising African Art: What’s the Driving Force?

In May 2017, Arthouse Contemporary, one of Africa’s leading art auction house located in Lagos, Nigeria, held their annual modern and contemporary art auction where a record price for the work for a Nigerian artist was set. Iconic modern artist, Ben Enwonwu’s 1962 Anyanwu sculpture sold for a record price of NGN 54,050,000 (around $148K), […]