Art and Politics: Boundaries Where They Both Live

Ever since Plato and Aristotle, the act of artistic creation became inseparable from the idea of the real world. Employing common sense as one of the main tools of a variety of aesthetic observation only seems logical as every art is political, given it takes place in society we live in. It influences or is […]

Where in the Art World for #MeToo Movement

It was inevitable. The entertainment business and politics have always found their way into the art realm. So when #MeToo found its way in both, it was only a matter of time before the art world paid attention and started to take action as well. Although Tarana Burke first used the phrase in 2006 to […]

Isamu Noguchi and His Art During Japanese Internment Camp

“For one with a background like myself, the question of identity is very uncertain. And I think it’s only in art that it was ever possible for me to find any identity at all.” – Isamu Noguchi It’s been 75 years since President Franklin D. Roosevelt would sign Executive Order 9066 which relocated and incarcerated […]

American Abstraction: The CIA’s Art Collection Revealed

The lobby of the CIA Headquarters Building in Langley, Virginia, U.S.

Trust the CIA to always be enveloped in a shroud of secrecy to the extent that it was once believed that even its art collection was heavily guarded and highly confidential. To be fair, the museum run by the CIA which is housed at its Langley headquarters and for obvious reasons, is not open to […]

Internet Governance: Yes ICANN?

Few people are familiar with the origins of the internet, and the belief that it is “owned” sounds absurd. After all, the world wide web seems like a no man’s land, doesn’t it? Who controls the Internet? Is there someone that with the flip of a switch can turn it off? Is there an organization […]

Fake Fur And Feminism: The Guerrilla Girls Are Fighting For Equality

The New York activists, the Guerrilla Girls' fight against discrimination in the art world. Image credit: Lois Greenfeld | Image source:

  In 1984, MoMA opened an exhibition, “An International Survey of Recent Painting and Sculpture,” to showcase the most important contemporary artists in the world. In total, it included the works of 169 artists. Of those, 13 were female. In response, a group of 7 female artists donned gorilla masks to protest the gender bias […]