How Technology is Changing the Art World

How Technology is Changing the Art World

Art history shows that artists have always sought new art forms and unconventional mediums to express their artistic principles. Various avant-garde movements that started mushrooming in the early20th century fundamentally challenged the traditional perception of art. Artists emerging from these progressive movements introduced new non-artistic materials, like books, magazines, cloths, household items, and many other […]

Has the AI-Art Movement Arrived?

AI painting “La Comtesse de Belamy" | Image source:

We know that there is a myriad of business applications for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning – from conversational interfaces to predicting software vulnerabilities to automation. We use AI more often than we realize. After all, we interact with our smartphones, access social media, use Google Maps, or call an Uber – all of […]

Virtual Reality Artworks Have Arrived

When robots started creating paintings, many critics questioned if these works should be considered “art.” Could software make decisions on beauty? And while the debate is still ongoing, a new “medium” has been introduced to the art world – VR art. This innovation, however, is being embraced by the art world with much more enthusiasm. […]

Internet Governance: Yes ICANN?

Few people are familiar with the origins of the internet, and the belief that it is “owned” sounds absurd. After all, the world wide web seems like a no man’s land, doesn’t it? Who controls the Internet? Is there someone that with the flip of a switch can turn it off? Is there an organization […]

How Art Meets Tech

People in the art world are often kind of like your parents learning how to text – they know that technology is a thing but they don’t have a ton of interest in learning to use it. And tech can be very overwhelming and intimidating if you’re not used to it – the art archival […]