My Journey: In Search For The Ultimate Digital Art World

Morgan Library II - Limited Edition 1 of 10, photography by Reinhard Görner | Image source:

Oh Rembrandt and More Rembrandt.. My Inspiration In the second year of my Masters program at Christie’s, I interned at the Morgan Library and Museum’s Drawings and Prints Department as a curatorial researcher. After graduation, I was hired for the museum’s very first online art cataloguing project, “Corsair,” for the museum’s extraordinary Rembrandt prints (etchings) […]

Why Should I Archive My Art?

Seriously—you’re an artist, not a gallerist or a museum curator. You’re here to create pieces that have meaning to you and that can communicate what you want to say to the world. You’re in it for the tubes of oil paints and watercolors, the charcoals, the pencils, the inks, the canvases, the collage, the clay, […]

All For Art And Art For All: Art Accessibility In The Digital Age


In 2014, the MET uploaded high-quality, downloadable images of some of its most famous pieces to create a digital collection comprising more than 400,000 works of art. In 2015, the New Museum appointed Lauren Cornell, former executive director of and a pioneering advocate of digital media and its significance in contemporary art, as a […]