Does Size Matter in Art?

Does Size Matter in Art?

In March 2019, New York-based illustrator, sculptor, and street artist Brian Donnelly, best known as KAWS, launched a massive 121-foot-long inflatable sculpture at Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. The monumental work was pulled out into the waterfront of Tamar Park using tugboats. The work features his signature character, Companion, a gray sculpture modeled after Mickey Mouse whose […]

Demystifying the Contemporary Art World: Where to Begin

If you’ve ever entered a museum and found yourself embarrassed or confused, you indeed wouldn’t be the first. While others say they see a majestic rainforest, all you see are splotches in varying shades of green.   While others ooh and aah and are quick to interpret the artist’s choice of colors, lines, and technique, […]

Jeff Koons and Louis Vuitton Bags

When you think of Jeff Koons, his towering sculptures inspired by balloon animals or works from his Banality series probably come to mind.    Consistently on the list of one of the “most expensive living artists,” Jeff Koons work isn’t exactly accessible to the everyday art collector with one of his pieces auctioned at the […]