Stories of Bathers in Art – Art and Nude Series: Part.3

There is nothing in all the world more beautiful or significant of the laws of the universe than the nude human body. – Robert Henri While many associate the naked body and exposure of flesh with erotica, the depiction of nude bathers in art shows us that the naked human form can be portrayed without […]

The Art of Egon Schiele: Angst, Frustration, and Intellectual Hysteria

Painting "Death and the Maiden" (1915) by Egon Schiele | Image source:

From portraits of naked bodies twisted in often uncomfortable positions to disturbing self-portraits, Austrian painter Egon Schiele is remembered for his work that exuded raw sexuality, anguish, and narcissism. Born in 1890 in Tulin, Lower Austria, Schiele grew up a shy, strange child who did poorly in school and exhibited troubling behavior at home due […]

Art and Eroticism – Art and Nude Series: Part. 2

In Nudes, Prudes, and Attitudes, we ask: Why does art nudity occupy a special place in the cultural consciousness? Perhaps the fascination or rather, the tension we feel when faced with nudity in art is that many have a primal instinct to associate nakedness with eroticism. And that any nude body is always somehow a […]

Fake Fur And Feminism: The Guerrilla Girls Are Fighting For Equality

The New York activists, the Guerrilla Girls' fight against discrimination in the art world. Image credit: Lois Greenfeld | Image source:

  In 1984, MoMA opened an exhibition, “An International Survey of Recent Painting and Sculpture,” to showcase the most important contemporary artists in the world. In total, it included the works of 169 artists. Of those, 13 were female. In response, a group of 7 female artists donned gorilla masks to protest the gender bias […]