My Journey: In Search For The Ultimate Digital Art World

Morgan Library II - Limited Edition 1 of 10, photography by Reinhard Görner | Image source:

Oh Rembrandt and More Rembrandt.. My Inspiration In the second year of my Masters program at Christie’s, I interned at the Morgan Library and Museum’s Drawings and Prints Department as a curatorial researcher. After graduation, I was hired for the museum’s very first online art cataloguing project, “Corsair,” for the museum’s extraordinary Rembrandt prints (etchings) […]

Why Should I Archive My Art?

Seriously—you’re an artist, not a gallerist or a museum curator. You’re here to create pieces that have meaning to you and that can communicate what you want to say to the world. You’re in it for the tubes of oil paints and watercolors, the charcoals, the pencils, the inks, the canvases, the collage, the clay, […]

Creating a Collection & Organizing Your Art

Creating a collection on ARTDEX is a great way to keep your art organized. Whether it’s an actual collection you own, an inventory of your gallery, or your personal portfolio, it all works the same way. The first step is to navigate to your artwork by clicking “Organize” from the side navigation menu. From there, […]

How to Upload & Catalogue Art on ARTDEX

Photo by Mojtaba Ravanbakhsh on Unsplash

You’ve created an account and set up your ARTDEX profile, now it’s time to start uploading and organizing your art! 1. Uploading Art Begin by signing in to your ARTDEX account. Once logged in, click “Organize” from the side navigation menu. If this is the first time you’re uploading artwork, a message prompting you to […]

How To Organize Art: 6 Things You Should Know About Every Piece

Picasso in his studio | Image source:

Artists aren’t typically known for being well-organized—being scattered and disheveled has almost become part of the cultural identity of an artist. However, art organization is crucial if you don’t want to lose track of the pieces you create or own. Of course, organizing your collection can feel like a daunting task; it’s tough to know […]