The 6 Women Collectors Who Changed the History of Art Institutions

Women have undoubtedly made their mark in the art world. Even though they were often overshadowed in the past, today women are aware of their immense contributions to art as we know it. Despite dealing with societal obstacles and a lack of broader support, they fought for what was important to them. Women collectors are […]

Collector Extraordinaire: Peggy Guggenheim and 20th Century Art Patronage

Peggy Guggenheim and her beloved Lhasas | Image source:

I look back on my life with great joy. I think it was a very successful life. I always did what I wanted and never cared what anyone thought. “Had her private life been less colorful, would what she did for art seem less interesting?“ Anton Gill, the biographer of Peggy Guggenheim, asked this question […]