Stories of Bathers in Art – Art and Nude Series: Part.3

There is nothing in all the world more beautiful or significant of the laws of the universe than the nude human body. – Robert Henri While many associate the naked body and exposure of flesh with erotica, the depiction of nude bathers in art shows us that the naked human form can be portrayed without […]

Does Size Matter in Art?

Does Size Matter in Art?

In March 2019, New York-based illustrator, sculptor, and street artist Brian Donnelly, best known as KAWS, launched a massive 121-foot-long inflatable sculpture at Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. The monumental work was pulled out into the waterfront of Tamar Park using tugboats. The work features his signature character, Companion, a gray sculpture modeled after Mickey Mouse whose […]

2019: The Year of Rembrandt

Today marks 350 years since Rembrandt’s death. In the remembrance of his celebrated artistic career, more than 400 Rembrandt masterpieces have come together for the exhibition, All the Rembrandts, at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The historic exhibit will feature 22 paintings and 60 drawings, along with over 300 prints.  Rembrandt is easily regarded as the […]

Identical Twins: 3D Printing and Art Authenticity


As an online art platform, we’re always super interested in the intersection of art and technology and what that means for the art world. There are so many fascinating things happening in that space! And this one’s a doozie– when 3D printing meets art, how do we judge the authenticity? The Next Rembrandt The Next […]