Ever-Renewing Power of Light Art: 9 Brilliant Light Artists You Need to Know

Light has come a long way in the art world. It was once an additional element overlooked in the background though has been evolving into a prominent art medium over the recent decades. Many art historians believe El Lissitzky Prounen Raum (Proun Room) (1923) is the first work of art to incorporate lighting elements while László Moholy-Nagy […]

How to Value “Conceptual Art” – Conceptual Art Series: Part. 2

In Part 1 of our Conceptual Art Series, we talked about how Marcel Duchamp changed the course of art history with the debut of his notorious 1917 Fountain, and how conceptual art has found a place for itself in the mainstream art world. But despite the 100 years that have passed since Duchamp took a […]

Not So Young Anymore: YBA Follow Up


Known for their “shock tactics” and an attitude described as “both oppositional and entrepreneurial,” the Young British Artists dominated British art in the 90s. In 1988, the YBAs, led by Damien Hirst, began to exhibit together in London. It all started with Freeze, their art exhibition that took place in an empty London Port Authority […]

Conceptual Art: Why Is It So Difficult To Understand?

If you haven’t quite grasped what conceptual art is, don’t be too hard on yourself. Defining it is one thing, understanding it is something else and difficult, even for those who frequent the art circles. Conceptual art or conceptualism is art that has moved beyond traditional aesthetics or even materials. Conceptual art has been widely […]