Nam June Paik and History of Video Art

Nam June Paik and History of Video Art

The mediums of television and film began to dominate in the second half of the 20th century – it was different, progressive, and modern. It quickly became a favorite pastime of millions around the world. Movie theaters took over as the main source of entertainment, pushing art galleries aside. But besides mass-produced films that brought […]

Bruce Nauman: The Art and Irony of Revealing Mystic Truths

I don’t like to think about being an influence. It’s embarrassing. – Bruce Nauman Unfortunately for American artist Bruce Nauman, that’s precisely what he’s become – world-renowned, multi-awarded…influential. Considered one of the most prominent artists to emerge in the 1960’s art scene, Nauman’s passion for art would not develop until he was in college. Growing […]

Virtual Reality Artworks Have Arrived

When robots started creating paintings, many critics questioned if these works should be considered “art.” Could software make decisions on beauty? And while the debate is still ongoing, a new “medium” has been introduced to the art world – VR art. This innovation, however, is being embraced by the art world with much more enthusiasm. […]