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Building your digital archive by organizing your art in a few clicks is easy and simple with our platform! You will be able to upload your work and follow the art you love, and showcase them on your profile via your own personalized URL.


We have created an exciting digital space where art thrives. Search and follow other artists, and find out what is currently trending around the world. My Feed allows you to discover art we think you will enjoy.
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There has never been a better place to find artists, collectors, and curators worldwide. We are home to a diverse community of art professionals who will help to expand your horizons in the exciting world of global networking.


Managing your art collection doesn’t mean being stuck at your desk! You can do it all directly from the ARTDEX mobile app. Save images to your collection folders wherever you are!

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ARTDEX is a fully integrated archiving and art management platform for artists, art lovers, or anyone working in the art industry. Our seamless digital solution makes it easy to organize art, discover new artists and stay up to date with new and upcoming trends in the art world. 

Curators and Galleries love our platform because it is simple to manage small or large art collections without paying for a heavy duty art collection software. Artists and Collectors love us because they are able to build their own online gallery and artwork archive, preserving their art and making them visible to the world at the same time — all at no cost.

Benefits to All Members


Benefits to Artists

Benefits to Collectors

Benefits to Galleries & Dealers

All you need for your digital archive and art business.

Our global digital hub provides free-of-charge essential archiving tools and cloud-based storage solutions for the Art World — connecting artists, art professionals, art-consumers, and art businesses on all levels.


  • Start building your online archive to showcase both your physical and virtual art collections.
  • Let the Upload Artwork button take you through a simple 3-step-guide to cataloguing your artwork saved on your computer.
  • When surfing the web, use our “Bookmarklet” tool downloadable under “Upload Artwork” to seamlessly place artwork found on any website into your virtual collections.
  • Create a custom ARTDEX URL to conveniently share your profile and collection with other members (e.g. www.artdex.com/johnsmith).
  • Manage editions, receipts and documents to artworks under your ownership through our simple Organize feature. All documents are completely private viewing only.
  • Create multiple archives for different artists and back inventories you manage if you are a gallery/dealer for those art sitting in your basement storage.
  • We offer most simplified privacy settings for your art collection and seamless professional social networking experience through your art. You may opt to use a pseudonym or alias to archive and showcase your art collections anonymously.


  • Find and follow new artists, artworks, and collections, adding to your virtual collection folders and staying abreast of new trends and up-and-coming artists in the fast-paced art world.
  • Be kept up-to-date about the activities of your followers and favorites, and discover new art we think you may like on My Feed.
  • Use our Suggested Artists-Artworks-Collections-People bar on the left to discover new inspirations.
  • Search by location, artist, artwork, medium, movement, theme and other filters and engage the ARTDEX community through messaging and comment sections.
  • Search an artwork/artist to learn more about the artwork/artist and follow to receive updates.
  • Find your family and friends by searching collections and people.
  • Research specific material, style or theme of artworks, by searching through medium, movement or theme.
  • Check out the most talked about artists, artworks and collections by searching through most popular and most commented and searched artists, artworks, collections and people.
  • Keep up with emerging artists and trends among collectors and the global art community through our featured content in My Feed!


  • Express your admiration for an artist; declare your appreciation of a work of art; compliment a collector for their impeccable taste and connect with like-minded collectors, artists, and curators worldwide.
  • Follow artworks and artists to receive updates on their activity and gain followers on your recent activity.
  • Members can define simple settings to determine who can view their collections, along with the option to post under pseudonyms for those wishing to keep anonymity.

Why Connect?


Create and become part of an active network of collectors, artists, art enthusiasts and curators to exchange and information and share artworks unlimited to your location and background.


Build a global following and reputation through maintaining a profile that is active, relative and inspiring. The more active your profile is more like-minded and stimulating the community of artists, collectors and art enthusiasts you connect with!


You can receive updates, information and inspiration, but you can also contribute to the community by posting artworks, providing information, and sharing commentary.


Keep track of valuable provenance and information and gain market intelligence on favorite artworks, artists, collections and people.


  • After creating a free ARTDEX profile on our Website, download the ARTDEX Mobile App and instantly manage your collection on the go!
  • Snap images of art, and save them directly to your collection folders (where they will remain safe from the inevitable bombardment of family and holiday photos in your camera roll.)
  • When out at an art gallery, art fair or museum visits, use the “ARTDEX Mobile App” to take photos from your iPhone and the artwork images will come directly to your ARTDEX folder. You can then easily come back to catalogue when it is convenient.
  • Simply use saved photos from your mobile devices via “ARTDEX Mobile App” to create a new collection and conveniently manage your art.

Benefits to All Members

  • Create an online gallery of artworks and build your own archive
  • Share art with others in the ARTDEX community
  • Search for artworks by title, medium, and artist
  • View artworks receiving the most comments, views, and followings
  • Catalog artworks seen at art fairs and exhibitions (through the ARTDEX App)
  • Create a virtual collection of favorite artworks by following those art you love
  • Build market intelligence and discover trends among collectors, galleries, and artists
  • Define privacy settings to determine viewing and sharing of your art

Benefits to Artists

  • Create and archive an online gallery of own artworks
  • Share, showcase, and promote your own artworks to the global art community
  • Connect with the larger global community of collectors, artists, and galleries
  • Discover trends in the emerging art world (style, genre, and artist)
  • Build a global following and reputation of your art

Benefits to Collectors

  • Organize documents related to each artwork (receipts, insurance, and appraisals)
  • Build awareness of artworks and the artists in your collection
  • Connect with like-minded collectors worldwide
  • Discover new and up-and-coming artists
  • Option to post collections under pseudonym to ensure anonymity

Benefits to Galleries & Dealers

  • Showcase, share, and promote artworks and artists to the global art community
  • Create and archive an online gallery of available artworks, including back inventories
  • Build global awareness of your artists’ works and promote their artist brand
  • Streamline emerging artist discovery and new trend
  • Streamline communication channel with artists, collectors, and other art professionals