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Become a part of the global Art World online, where you can create your own digital archive of artworks and collections for free. Share art with others in the ARTDEX community, build a reputation around your art, gather market intelligence and discover trends, and make new and exciting connections with collectors, galleries, and artists around the world.

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Create your online gallery showcasing your personal and virtual collections.


Find new artist and discover trends in the global art community.


Connect with likeminded collectors, artists, and curators worldwide.

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ARTDEX is creating the future of art online, empowering artists and collectors to share, catalog and celebrate their work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to break down geographical barriers in the art world, and bring democracy to the world of art.

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Artists | Art Students

Share, showcase, and promote your own artwork portfolios to the global art community and build a reputation.

Galleries | Dealers

Create, archive, and display an online gallery of all available catalog of artworks and make them accessible.

Collectors | Organizations

Get an improved access to unseen back-inventory of galleries/dealers and make informed purchases.

Curators | Educators

Discover new and emerging artists and artworks. Create a virtual gallery to enhance your research and curation.

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Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials


ARTDEX provides free and easy-to-use online cataloguing tools for artworks and documents pertaining to one’s collection and helps you build an awareness and reputation around it. It mitigates the headache and cost of using a traditional “software-based” inventory system and allows for an easy organization and storage of one’s collections of any size. Simultaneously, ARTDEX enables one to share his/her collections worldwide and is a professional networking platform aimed at connecting all art enthusiasts,creators and art-consumers on a global scale.
No, ARTDEX is completely free.
For as long as you choose to maintain it. You can discontinue your collection at any time by sending us an email to delete your account.
You can take a photograph of the artwork and upload it using our ADD ART feature. Our mobile app even allows you to upload it directly from your phone!
Yes you can. You can set your custom profile URL in the Settings menu in the same top right-hand drop-down on the navigation bar. You can share all of your collections with other member users by sending them your unique URL.
Yes, you can keep your account private by changing your privacy setting in the Settings menu in the top right-hand drop-down on the navigation bar so that all of your collections are for strictly personal viewing only.

All you need for your digital archive and art business.

Our global digital hub provides free-of-charge essential archiving tools and cloud-based storage solutions for the Art World — connecting artists, art professionals, art-consumers, and art businesses on all levels.


  • Start building your online archive to showcase both your physical and virtual art collections.
  • Let the Upload Artwork button take you through a simple 3-step-guide to cataloguing your artwork saved on your computer.
  • When surfing the web, use our “Bookmarklet” tool downloadable under “Upload Artwork” to seamlessly place artwork found on any website into your virtual collections.
  • Create a custom ARTDEX URL to conveniently share your profile and collection with other members (e.g.
  • Manage editions, receipts and documents to artworks under your ownership through our simple Organize feature. All documents are completely private viewing only.
  • Create multiple archives for different artists and back inventories you manage if you are a gallery/dealer for those art sitting in your basement storage.
  • We offer most simplified privacy settings for your art collection and seamless professional social networking experience through your art. You may opt to use a pseudonym or alias to archive and showcase your art collections anonymously.


  • Find and follow new artists, artworks, and collections, adding to your virtual collection folders and staying abreast of new trends and up-and-coming artists in the fast-paced art world.
  • Be kept up-to-date about the activities of your followers and favorites, and discover new art we think you may like on My Feed.
  • Use our Suggested Artists-Artworks-Collections-People bar on the left to discover new inspirations.
  • Search by location, artist, artwork, medium, movement, theme and other filters and engage the ARTDEX community through messaging and comment sections.
  • Search an artwork/artist to learn more about the artwork/artist and follow to receive updates.
  • Find your family and friends by searching collections and people.
  • Research specific material, style or theme of artworks, by searching through medium, movement or theme.
  • Check out the most talked about artists, artworks and collections by searching through most popular and most commented and searched artists, artworks, collections and people.
  • Keep up with emerging artists and trends among collectors and the global art community through our featured content in My Feed!

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ARTDEX is devoted to breaking down the traditional walls between emerging artists and art consumers in favor of a new democratic model of engagement based on full transparency, maximum flexibility, and meaningful exchange. ARTDEX’s mission is to empower artists at all career levels to proudly present their work, facilitate art-focused dialogue, and encourage collaboration and critical inquiry. ARTDEX firmly believes in Art as an invaluable cultural asset to be nurtured and celebrated as a precious resource and valuable commodity for our entire world community. In recognition of the professional and economic inequality facing new and emerging artists around the world today, ARTDEX is committed to promoting a future of art-online, and unlimited opportunity, advancement, and reward.

Artists | Art Students

  • Create and archive an online gallery of your artworks and portfolios 
  • Manage and showcase all your artworks (not limited to artworks for sale)
  • Share and promote your artworks to a global art community
  • Connect with a larger global community of artists, collectors, and galleries
  • Discover trends and share inspirations with peer artists and art professionals         
  • Build an awareness around your art 
  • Build a reputation and global following

Galleries | Dealers

  • Create and archive an online gallery of represented artists
  • Manage and showcase the entire back-inventory of artworks (not limited to current exhibitions) 
  • Share and promote your artists to a global art community
  • Connect with the larger global community of other artists, collectors, and dealers
  • Discover new artists and art trends
  • Streamline communication channels with artists, collectors, and art professionals 
  • Build a global awareness and following for represented artists

Collectors | Organizations

  • Create and archive an online gallery of your art collections
  • Create and archive a virtual gallery of your favorite artworks 
  • Manage and preserve an entire collection in a secure digital storage mechanism
  • Organize documents related to each artwork (receipts, insurance and appraisal docs)
  • Build awareness of artworks and artists in your collections
  • Connect with like-minded collectors worldwide
  • Discover new artists and emerging art trends
  • Option to post artwork collections under pseudonym to ensure anonymity
  • Option to keep account for private viewing only

Curators | Educators

  • Create and archive a virtual gallery of artworks for courses and catalogues 
  • Manage and archive artworks from current and past exhibitions 
  • Research and archive artworks for future academic courses
  • Connect with a larger global community of curators, educators, and artists
  • Discover emerging artists and new artworks
  • Streamline communication channels with artists and other art professionals 
  • Build awareness and following for emerging talent worldwide