Tell us about your background?

I study art on my own, very much because I do not have good support for my studies, both financially and so much for the poor schools that exist in my state. Art has always been at my side, from childhood to the present day. As a child, art was a method of fun, and over the years, with the onset of adolescence, it became a hobby. Today I take art as a way to make a living, working as a graphic designer and organizing exhibitions in galleries here in Natal/RN, Brazil.

Does creating art help you heal?

Yes, art has helped me in many ways. One of them, which for me is the most remarkable, is that today I have become better, simply because I understand human interiority more clearly. Something that today I consider of great importance for the desire of social welfare.

What convinced you to join ARTDEX?

ARTDEX seemed like a great connection network, well organized and structured and this made me very excited! I think this was missing in the online world, an excellent platform that connects and supports all the public in the art industry.

When did you realize that you were an artist?

By the end of 2014. However, I always had tendencies towards art, because since I was a child I lived to draw, paint and create.

To learn more, please visit Airton Bruno’s ARTDEX Profile.

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“My artistic style originated after years of searching for understanding and experiences, both internal and external. Where I soon conclude, the human psyche soon became the pillar of all my work. Thus, following the course of art history, my painting has slight traces of Post-impressionism and has a stronger base in abstract expressionism.”
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