If you feel comfortable, tell us about the difficulties you’ve had as an artist and how you overcame them.

Being an artist in Brazil is for the strong. In a country where people are, first, worried about paying the bills at the end of the month and then feed some small dreams, selling art is a challenge. The conceptual artist is practically an alien. The art here has to be ‘consumable” and, for this, the artist has to be a producer, seller, observer, strategist, psychologist, multimedia magic… But the Brazilian never gives up!

Tell us about your artistic style?

My works are the result of research of semiotic graphics of Brazilian culture and the use of surface design technique to create visual designs for various segments of the Creative Economy (fashion, set design, decoration, advertising, stationery, coatings, packaging, artistic productions, projection mapping and where creativity takes us. Design surface patterns is a creative technique or if you prefer, artistic prints. In the preparation of my prints I use graphics that make up the cultural history that are part of my Brazilianness.

What was it that convinced you to join ARTDEX?

ARTDEX is a natural artist ecosystem. And an environment where people feel comfortable to exchange ideas, proposals and artistic idiosyncrasies. It is an excellent visibility platform for our work.

Does creating art help you heal?

Look, in today’s world it may seem to lead to outrage, but I’m more inclined to heal than be cured … I walk toward the light.

To learn more, please visit Alexandre Valentim’s ARTDEX Profile.

“The act of creating is an extrapolation of our will. It is a way to communicate with the universe, a kind of back to “home”, the origin. The art is complete when she talks to the viewer, then the thrills, moves you from the comfort zone, bothers you, takes you to a reflection or even cause you disgust (as proposed by each artist).”

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