What motivates you to create?

I have been very lucky throughout my life to have a strong need and desire to paint. It is never an effort. It’s very natural and I am happiest when I am painting, or sewing. I don’t need a lot of motivation as it’s already there but I love to look through books of art and watch people create as well as to read about the passions and interests of other artists. Many things inspire me. Most of all i just enjoy walking through nature, a beautiful forest is magical and inspires me.

When did you realize you were an artist?

My father was a painter of portraits and I was fascinated with watching him paint. He taught me a great deal about art and creativity. He was extremely gifted and a good teacher. He encouraged me to follow my own path and find my own voice but he also passed information to me about art that was interesting and useful.

What was it that convinced you to join ARTDEX?

As artists we receive a lot of emails but it was nice to be invited onto a free platform and it’s a very useful site to upload and catalogue one’s artworks into collections. It’s interesting to see how one’s work starts to grow into different categories and good to know it’s all there to refer to.

To learn more, please visit Alice Lenkiewicz’s ARTDEX Profile.

“My style is quite dream – like. I enjoy texture and colour and allowing for nature, the female form and beauty to come into my work. My style is a combination of many styles really. I enjoy responding according to feeling, and sensation. I am inspired by the post-impressionists and the expressionists as movements in art.”

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