When did you realize that you were an artist?

Since I was a child, I’ve been passionate about drawing. Besides any other typical activity of childhood, drawing was always a constant. I’ve always loved doing it, in fact I practically identified myself with this occupation – I don’t think I could refer to a specific moment in time when I said/or taught – “hey, I’m an artist!”

Tell us about your artistic style?

Most of my works are figurative, but I also have an abstract landscapes series. Generally speaking, what we call abstract painting could fall into various genres or categories, but my tryout in this field could be labeled as lyrical abstract. While my work in the figurative area could be simply associated with contemporary realism or contemporary figurative. I’ve always been a very versatile artist, I’ve experienced a lot of different insights and perspectives, I’ve embraced various styles or genres, depending on my inner evolution and on the faces of my evolution as an artist. At some point in this evolution, I’ve even felt like creating a new style, a style which I called Magic Expressionism. It’s about a series of compositions that remind of the surrealistic current, as I put together elements that could suggest an oneiric state, but, at the same time, personal manner and the visual expression I used set them apart.

What motivates you to create?

I’m a very creative person, so I just create! It’s in my nature, simply can’t imagine life otherwise. If I didn’t paint or draw, I would definitely write or compose music, or I would make my own movies. I need to create, to feel good, to feel alive. It is a fundamental form of expression and communication and it helps me understand my emotions.

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“First of all I write down ideas of new things, which in time materialize into a series of artworks. After that, little by little the idea takes shape in a folder where I gather lots of images related to that specific theme and other possible suggestions. Then I play with those images and create visuals, mockups in Photoshop, which eventually turn into some kind of preliminary sketch for a painting itself.”

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