When did you realize that you were an artist?

I have always drawn, painted, since I was a child. I drew terrible battles between strange alien beings with very large eyes and very sad and beautiful and skinny princesses, cruel and savage, beautiful and with ferocious eyes… I always wanted and knew that I wanted to be an artist, and to live with and of art, to breathe art all the time of my life.

Tell us about your background

Surely in 1995 when it started this wonderful adventure. It’s been a very courageous, thoughtful, and painful beautiful fantastic choice. I was reborn again in 1995… before then I did not feel really accomplished and truly happy. My career as an artist and as a professional artist began in 1995. I casually decided whether or not to be myself. I decided to do what my heart told me, to follow myself… I started to frantically draw on many many zines, to do exhibitions, to work with so many wonderful artists from around the world. I have never stopped since and continuing until today, to create, to create, to create… lately I am very interested in photography and I shoot many photos everywhere and of all. I exhibited my works in galleries everywhere around the world, on magazines, zines… I realized covers of cds, t-shirts, I’ve done a lot of mail art participating in many mail art projects. I love everything I’ve done … it is a wonderful job.

Does creating art help you heal?

Surely yes, to create is really a shamanic journey in myself, to know every day always new knots, lines, wires… where words, hands, eyes, thoughts cannot arrive, art can do… deeply in own heart, art arrives everywhere.

To learn more, please visit Claudio Parentela’s ARTDEX Profile.

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“I want to continue to be free as I’m now, free to draw, free to paint, free to experiment, to celebrate every moment of this wonderful life. Freedom for me and to feel free is to do this, to create all the day and every day of my life… art.”

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