Dmitry Artyukhin


Tell us about your artistic style?

I use abstracts as a style of my artworks but the concept that I’m applying is – I’m incorporating emotions in my painting. Uniqueness of these art-works in openness and transparency of expressing emotions on canvas i.e. ability to share emotional context with perceivers. You get more than an art in my view, you get more than that, you get a source of emotions, the trigger for your own reflection, the unique Artifact that brings something very special to you.

Where would you love to have your work shown?

I would be happy to present my artworks both online and in real exhibitions once we get to normal. Actually I truly believe that because of the nature of my concept and art it’s a huge benefit for viewers to have a chance to look at my paintings in real life scenarios because then you start feeling a more special touch and more intangible aspect of these paintings.

If you feel comfortable, tell us about the struggles you’ve had either as an artist, or in the process of creating your work

In my case this is mainly frustration when you try to find the harmony between what you feel inside and what you make on the canvas. In some cases the way of finding this harmony is so much complicated so after several hours I still don’t have what I want and I have to stop creating any art because there is no simple way of finding the right resonance. This unsuccessful process is extremely painful for me, this is pure frustration, disappointment that drives cleaning the canvas and leaving it until I get the next spike of emotions. This frustration is so strong that I literally feel the pain inside me, I want to create but I can’t make anything. Once I get back on track with this simple harmony the way of creating art is a very easy going process!

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“When I started making art I tried to overcome my personal challenge of being very analytical by education and very emotional by nature. Combination of these absolutely opposite things created extremely powerful results. The maximum resonance between what I feel inside and what I create outside is the indication that my art work is done! So this is not about emotion as a technique but rather transparency and honesty, openness with those who view my artworks.”

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