What motivates you to create?

The happenings of our times is my deepest motivation. For instance when the earthquake struck Japan and to see that wave take everything away, it struck me deeply and I couldn’t stop painting for days until the series was finished. It was done quickly as well, just as what had happened was quickly. I feel it is some of my best, purest work the 9.0 series. The arctic oil, desert gold series is just about that, the drilling in the arctic and our dependence on Arab oil which is their gold in their desert. Even though my work is abstract, large scale and statement art work, the titles always tell you what they are about. The story of our times.

Tell us about your artistic style?

I don’t have a recognized style. I work in series and each one has it’s own look, scale, techniques and colors. I never want to be boxed in with one style, I like evolving and finding my way on each canvas. I think if you looked at my gallery of work, you would know the artist who did the series was one artist but you would never think the same artist did the variety of series I have done. I have some collectors with 3 to 6 of my larger scale works in their homes or offices of different series and no one would think the same artist created them all.

Tell us about a workflow quirk you’ve picked up over your artistic career?

One quirk is that if I start having a conscience thought while I am painting I know I have to stop. That I am no longer in the zen like zone of no thought. If I start thinking well you should add some yellow here or do this there, I will just ruin it so I stop. It has to be from an inner place to work for me.

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“I have painted ever since I was very young. Majored in art throughout my education, but realized I had talent when one of my high school teachers asked me to paint with her on weekends at her home. She mentored me for 3 years and even though we had very different styles and I paint from tube to canvas, not into theory, she knew I had to start from the basics in order to be free to not follow those same rules I was learning.”

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