Tell us about your artistic style?

Every digital composition is an attempt to find the most beautiful combination of the elements and principles of art. Hue, value, dynamic line, symmetry, asymmetry, and shape are some tools that I use to mold the images into states of being and allow the viewer to relate to common feelings that I have selected to express in the unlikely style of geometric minimalism. The titles are also part of the narrative and are specifically chosen to have the abstract visual commentaries I create bring people closer to the community we share. The digital painting medium allows me to express my thoughts with great clarity and beauty. I am forever an observer /commentator/artist.

What motivates you to create?

My current series of abstract original digital paintings reflect my personal state of being as well as my visual commentaries as an artist/citizen of the world. Both the environment and human experience are sources of inspiration for my work including our climate, our politics, and our emotional reactions to it all. Each of my paintings is an original digital manipulation of pixels. I strive to reveal the essence of being in the moment using minimalist geometric forms. The circle and sphere dominate my compositions and represent the circle of life in various numbers and combinations.

To learn more, please visit Francene Levinson’s ARTDEX Profile.

Francene_main 2
“I am inspired by the dynamic forces found in nature and implied within the human experience. The patterns, symbols and structures in nature, architecture, and mathematics are also a great influence on my artwork”

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