Tell us about your background? (did you study art, has it always been a hobby, or perhaps you took it up later in life).

 Art has been my hobby since childhood, I still have lots of drawings from my childhood days. It excites me, and lets me feel better. Maybe it is impossible to believe but right now I am a 1st year med student and art is still by my side. It helps me to visualize all the material I need to learn. 

If you feel comfortable, tell us about the struggles you’ve had either as an artist, or in the process of creating your work, and how you overcame them.

Lots of people from school always searched for artists that create in a similar way (dot/line artworks), they tried to persuade others that I copy everything and that I cannot create. 

While searching what I am in the art world, I drew other artists’ inspired drawings and posted those on instagram with tags, but that was enough to get lots of rumors about myself. After lots of months, years I understood what makes me happy and did that in MY way. Since that day, others say nothing about copying and I have more and more audiences that like my style.

Tell us about your artistic style?

I am the minimalist and perfectionist, so that’s why I love line artworks or dot artworks with small details that make the work satisfying.

What motivates you to create?

What motivates me? Mainly, my mood and  things that surround me. I always draw what I feel because that’s how I let myself talk.

Where would you love to have your work shown?

My dream is to make my own personal exhibition and another dream is to show my art for others so they can understand and know me better.

To learn more, please visit Gabrielė Sermontytė’s ARTDEX Profile.

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“I cannot say that I realized that I am an artist, I don’t call myself like that cause this word is way too strong for ‘art’ that I make. I am just a girl that likes to draw. And art is the only way I can talk about my feelings, experiences and daily life.”

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