Tell us about a workflow quirk you have picked up over your artistic career?

Accepting my vulnerabilities, I guess. I am most vulnerable in front of canvas, as every painting creates itself and I am a tool, following the interaction between canvas and my feelings.

Do you have a particular story that you would like to share?

After I left my job & shifted to my hometown, there was too much noise around me and it was difficult to focus on creation. Accepting the new lifestyle, of leaving the comfort of corporate life was a tough decision. So I felt the pressure of creating my masterpiece but was not able to create it, because of the distractions around and it was bothering me. At this my brother asked me to find silence in the noise and make your own story. His words always stayed with me and I started enjoying the journey

If you feel comfortable, tell us about the struggles that you’ve had as an artist and how you overcame them?

I feel the struggle is the only constant in the creative world. You are never satisfied with your work and that should be the case. As that is the driving factor to create more. Though I am painting only for a few hours in a day, my mind is constantly struggling with ideas, thoughts, feelings, observing the world around me. And I have felt the best ideas come when your subconscious mind is doing the work i.e. while sleeping, driving, etc.

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“COMMUNICATION. We, human beings have a need to express ourselves and communicate our feelings with each other. I don’t feel comfortable in expressing in words to another person. I express with my tools i.e. canvas, colors, objects around which i use to create. I somehow feel, I don’t do justice to my feelings by expressing them in words.”

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