Tell us about your artistic style?

Style is man himself with his authentic, experienced, learned and continuously widening view of the world and love of Nature. My knowledge of biology has shaped my style. The steps I took in my style and technique were DOTART, the microscopic painting, and PROFUSINGART with my glass works including BGPP, where graphic lines are combined with painted shapes, colorful glasses and lights. I have been drawing and painting for forty years, and my motifs are rooted in Nature.

When did you realize that you were an artist?

At the age of 18 I was studying to be a dental technician. I studied material knowledge at a high level and used and practiced with metals, alloys, waxes, plastics and gypsum, and some other different materials. Already at that time, I cast Jimmy Hendrix’s head, peace badges, totem poles, statuettes, sculptures, and coins from dental metal. Later, I fell in love with wood and stone and started carving. Then came glass when I made cold glued glass sculptures. Then we bought a big-size, industrial furnace and established PROFUSINGART including BGPP (Brass Glass Panel Paintings), and made glass bowls and glass panels. The whole creative process required permanent drawing, painting, and designing. It was then when my artistic career started.

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“Creation is an internal necessity. The beauty and the beast. Visual experiments on solving, analyzing and expressing feelings. New ideas and new techniques are a permanent challenge and permanent motivation.”

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