When did you realize that you were an artist?

When I was in kindergarten I really didn’t think much about who I was or how I fit into the world. It wasn’t until first grade when we made that big transition from playing to sitting in a certain seat that I realized a serious change in everything around me. We had an assignment to draw a tree. When I saw the other kids’ trees, realized my tree was much better. It dawned on me that there was something I could do that set me apart from the other kids.

Tell us about your artistic style?

Since 1991 I have been photographing through the wall of a 200 gallon aquarium filled with water. I constructed landscapes, immersed them in water, poured paint into the water and photographed them. About 4 years ago simplified the whole process and just poured paint into the water to see what would happen. I was so happy with the results that I have continued the process to this day.

Does creating art help you heal?

That’s a very good question. I must say yes. I had a very traumatic childhood and spent a lot of time alone. Though I really wanted to be like the other kids, I knew I wasn’t and to be honest, I can’t say I tried very hard. This left me very lacking socially and very shy. As art became more and more important, my relationship to the world continued to improve. Though I can’t say I don’t need improvements, making art has helped me to understand who am in the world and where I’m going.

What convinced you to join ARTDEX?

I was impressed with the idea and the people running the operation.

To learn more, please visit Kim Keever’s ARTDEX Profile.

“Once I realized I only had one life to live… that I knew of, it made sense to make the best of it. I always felt my greatest talent was as an artist so I gave up my life as an engineer and have never looked back. I am motivated every day whether it’s seeing something that might fit into the tank as a prop or doing the actual process or working on the computer. Ultimately, it’s an inner drive that tells me to keep exploring, keep creating and use my time well.”

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