If you feel comfortable, tell us about the struggles you have had either as an artist, or in the process of creating your work, and how you overcame them.

Finding the courage to call myself an artist was a long-time struggle for me. When the world wants to talk you out of a very risky, undefined way to live, I found it hard to say ‘no’ to everyone else and ‘yes’ to myself as an artist. After much frustration, I finally took a leap of faith, jumped all in, and never looked back. Said ‘yes’ to anything that would support me, said ‘yes’ to everything that challenged me, and said ‘yes’ to everything that made me uncomfortable and continue to do so. It was when I found the confidence to bet on myself that success as an artist started to find me.

What was it that convinced you to join ARTDEX?

I got behind Artdex’s motive in making art more accessible to other artists, collectors, and new audiences.

Tell us about a workflow quirk you’ve picked up over your artistic career?

I never leave a canvas undone. I work on it until I feel as though have resolved it. Moving onto the next work, has to be earned it helps me find a sense of discipline and focus on quality instead of quantity.

To learn more, please visit Kristin Pavlick’s ARTDEX Profile.

“I create as a way to actively make meaning of the world around me. Conveying a question(s) is more important than creating a “pretty picture.””

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