When did you realize that you were an artist?

I am a creatively inclined person, so when I started painting around 2006 and people started appreciating and buying my art, I was pleasantly surprised that I was actually an artist!

If you feel comfortable, tell us about the struggles you’ve had either as an artist or in the process of creating your work.

I guess every artist at some point is unsure whether their art is managing to convey the essence and thought behind their work. I have also experienced this concern at times. Also, while painting abstracts, sometimes there is a dilemma whether the painting is complete or that one missing element yet needs to be added! Gratification comes only when people truly appreciate what you have created.

Tell us about your artistic style

I have always enjoyed painting abstracts and love abstract artworks. Lately, I have been inspired by a folk art form of India – GOND ART – so I enjoy painting animals inspired by Gond art and giving a abstract touch to it thereby creating my own unique style.

What motivates you to create?

I love colour and design. And I am hugely inspired by the different realms of nature, the female form and the positive vibrations of the universe.

To learn more, please visit Laltu Peswani Kanakia’s ARTDEX Profile.

“I have no formal education in art. However, I am creatively inclined and am a fashion designer as well. An inherent love for colour and design led me to give expression to my creativity and thoughts through the medium of abstract art.”

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