When did you realize you were an artist?

I realized that I was an artist when I was a child, I really liked to draw and paint, especially with crayons and colored pencils. And what remember most from my childhood is that I liked very much to color characters that I created myself and after I had them painted I would cut them out and create scenarios with them.

Tell us about your artistic style?

My artistic style is creative realism. I like very much to paint women, horses, boys and girls, landscapes, that is to say, different themes, and I give them all my artistic hallmark because when I dominate the drawing I give them color with a wide chromatic range, where the light is reflected giving the planes of light and shadow. My painting is also very feminine, delicate, and laborious.

What was it that convinced you to join ARTDEX?

I have decided to show my paintings on ARTDEX, because it gives the possibility that my art is seen by many people, it is like a window that opens to many views. Because I think that the beautiful thing about appreciating a painting is that each person will give it a different reading, it will be his or her own and in this way we will beautify life.

To learn more, please visit Mairim Perez Roca’s ARTDEX Profile.

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“When I am in front of a cardboard or a canvas I can invent a new world where everything is possible and my characters and my fantasies start to appear. For example, I like to paint the spring in full color, with flowers, petals, leaves, suns, butterflies and my women appear with an autobiographical look, because I see myself in them and the stories that all my paintings tell are my stories, anecdotes lived by me, or I invent them.”

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