When did you realize that you were an artist?

I began drawing at the age of 12. When I started to be trained in this field, I copied almost all of Rembrandt and Raphael’s drawings at the age of 15. After finishing military service. I went to the Faculty of Art and I achieved the certificate of appreciation at the first student exhibition and this had been the path of my life. After childhood, I knew I could paint, and when I was young, I understood that I could become an artist. And I recognized in the student period by participating in group exhibitions and achieving a certificate of appreciation that I had taken the step in the right path and tried to become a professional artist.

Does making art help you to heal?

Yes, absolutely it does. Art helps to retrieve our internal world. As a painter, I portray my mental concerns and share them with others, therefore by painting, I empty myself so it will create a sense of lightness and liberation for me, but this issue for a normal person, in the same conditions will probably be different because they must use a tool other than art to empty and emulate.

Tell us about your artistic style?

I think that the style of art is not very important at the time we live, but its artistic expressions and notions are important. I know myself as a contemporary artist who has my individual style and it can be said that my style is a combination of different styles, but if we want to examine my works in a special category, I must say that I have been greatly inspired by Expressionism and Neo-Expressionism, and I am delighted to see the works of these artists, and I am especially interested in the works of Georg Baselitz. So the footprint of Expressionism and Neo-Expressionism is obviously observed in my works and they are clearly affected by Expressionism and Neo-Expressionism; my works are remarkably expressive. I think, if we want to consider a style for my works, we must say that they are the combination of Expressionism, Symbolism, and Conceptual art in contemporary art.

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“Totally, noble human relationships are important to me, therefore whatever returns to this category or distorts it forces me to create the work. Discrimination, inequality, racism, ethnocentrism, poverty, rape, abuse of other rights, injustice, environmental degradation are among the cases that force me to create a work as an artist and show my objection through the art. And at the same time inform others.”

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