Rick Hurst

Digital Artist

What motivates you to create?

My passion is to awaken curiosity and prompt introspection in those who view my art, to feed their inner being, to have my images resonate with them through my creativity.

When did you realize you were an artist?

I was 12 years old, helping my Mother in her ceramic shop, when she asked me to paint a large ceramic rooster in any colors I wanted.  I had already been attracted by the bright colors and graphics of comic books at the age of 6 – my sister and I would go into the local drugstore and sneak comics into the back room to read – so I used very bold colors and worked in great detail.  My Mother was so excited about the result, that she entered the rooster in a local contest and I won a prize.  From then on, I just knew I was going to be an artist.

Tell us about your artistic style?

My photography captures the beauty and spirit of nature and the real world.  Along with photos of my original art, I meld these into digital artworks using multiple exposures, layers, color transformations and advanced art filters – images which may live through many iterations until I am satisfied.

Tell us about your background? (did you study art, has it always been a hobby, or perhaps you took it up later in life).

As a result of becoming profoundly deaf at the age of two, my childhood refuge in Mississippi was to immerse myself in the natural world around me — experiencing the beauty of nature, the vibrancy of color, the variety of architecture.  This led to a degree in Art, then a diversion of 25 years’ federal service in DC.  Retiring to the Gulf Coast, I began my artistic life anew, established an art studio, and soon discovered the world of digital art.

What was it that convinced you to join ARTDEX?

ARTDEX offers a well-organized and flexible virtual platform which is very supportive of trending artists and their work. It also supports professional social networking in an international environment.

Does creating art help you heal?

I love translating my creativity into an actual artwork, to explore its story as it develops.  I feel a magical warmth when a piece finally resonates with me, and I know it is complete.  My art has always helped soothe the wounds of growing up as a deaf child in the South.

To learn more, please visit Rick Hurst’s ARTDEX Profile.

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“As a result of becoming profoundly deaf at the age of two, my visual sense has heightened far beyond that of many artists. I am truly a Visual Artist without boundaries. Each digital image is my personal expression of inspiration from my surrounding environment, explored and revealed through my own artistic imagination. I feel a magical warmth as an image emerges. This is my life philosophy as an artist: “Focus on your own vision for your art – Believe in it and in yourself.”

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