Susan Willemse


Tell us about your background?

Above all I reject corporate greed and propaganda and believe that each person is special inside and that it is not the clothes you wear but how you treat others that earn you respect. There is something shocking about the work ethic here in Australia that I was not prepared for and I just named “Mugabe” after the first greedy person I ever encountered and it affects politicians, engineers, lawyers, health and safety, car manufactures, I would like my business to a more caring and thoughtful practice. Knowledge can be painful.

Tell us about your artistic style

My art techniques may be a little different as I form the image in my mind from observation, then I reference the photographs we take so size and outline are scientifically correct. Next, I sketch directly onto the canvas after working on the background first and then fun with color and texture begin. Painting is a feeling process for me that I enjoy and I choose to paint birds simply because I love them and I use acrylic as I have studied the carcinogenic dye effect in some mediums like xylene based pens, a product we used to stain cells in the laboratory too

If you feel comfortable, tell us about the struggles you’ve had either as an artist, or in the process of creating your work.

Early on I struggled with shape and size; texture, light and colour were never issues but I overcame this with the use of technology in the photography that we do as it gives me a second chance to study what was in front of me.

Does creating art help you heal?

Yes definitely- this is something I am only now realising as it is so important to have in communities and it is better than any medicine you can take for pain!

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“Each bird I paint is one that I know with a character and their stories can be told too and I do believe that if more people liked art and birds the world would be a kinder place, which is why I share these now. Change is a given and everything is connected, everything leads you on the pathway of life. “

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