Terese Andersson


Tell us about your artistic style?

I go my own way in my color combinations, I want to bring through my art light and positive energy to this dark world we are living, specially during this horrible pandemic.

What motivates you to create?

Life in general and people around and all over the world, especially in this pandemic my heart goes to the lonely ones suffering and elderly generations. I paint for them and want to bring happiness to their daily lives.

When did you realize you were an artist?

Since I was a little girl painting with gouache but not until switching to acrylics in 2016 I realized my direction in style could be incorporated for a future artistic venture.

Do you have a particular story you’d love to share?

There is always a story to tell as well each artwork incorporated has their own stories.

Does creating art help you heal?

Yes and no, I only paint while feeling good. If I am depressed or sad I lay on the couch and collect inspiration when feeling better. As I paint positive bursted artworks I can not paint while in a negative mood. I only paint happy paintings. That is what I want for my audience to experience. I don’t want to paint depressive works and cry while looking at them, the same goes for my audience and viewers for my art.

Tell us about your background? (did you study art, has it always been a hobby, or perhaps you took it up later in life).

I believe in the old school pattern of going up the stairs from broom in hand in the beginning and CEO later after working hard. I never was comfortable on the school bench as I have negative memories not coping with teachers even though I tried. Everything I know and study, I’ve done on my own in my free time.

To learn more, please visit Terese Andersson ‘s ARTDEX Profile.

“With a broad sense of color use and linear angle construction, I have reached a wide spectrum of color balance in my work. I’m an autodidact for a reason. So I can figure out on my own the true depth of the source for inner observation. Bringing to surface my expression for the execution of my work and the sophisticated color combinations for the aesthetics.”

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