When did you realize that you were an artist?

As a child I was always playing in artbooks coloring, painting, fingerpainting was fun, loved my crayolas so quite young from as long as I can remember to as young as I could be to pick up a crayon I colored, one of my teachers always encouraged me to continue on. I wish I had listened to her. But instead went to highschool and my father was not eager for me to take any Art classes. “Only Fags” take art he said. So I being deathly afraid of the man said ok no art. And I took metal and woodworking instead of my art classes. He’s a hater. Unfortunately I am from the era before Will & Grace. When being allowed to be who you are was not encouraged, to say the least.

Tell us about your artistic style?

My artistic style today in my adult life is through the photography I take and the art I create from it. I call what I do and what I am it is my slogan on all my social media sites I am connected to. I call what create, #FotoArt it is my hashtag and I came up with something that describes what people see when they see my work.

What was it that convinced you to join ARTDEX?

I joined ARTDEX to simply have another outlet of positive energyflow come into my life. All Art Apps that are available I have tried to get them all, thats if they work after downloading. Many of the other apps, surpisingly, do not work.

To learn more, please visit William Faulkner’s ARTDEX Profile.

“I really started my photographic art style last year. Been working my whole adult life of 30 years and decided that I need some creativity back in my life it was missing, sadly. It was desperately needed also. One should never live without doing something that helps quell stress and calm nerves, Art does wonders for the soul. Art keeps you steady. I just wish I had listened to my teachers when I was a kid about how good I was. Do not let anyone discour-age your freedom of expression, Creativity is a gift. Don’t let it slip through your fingers. It is hard to regain. “

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