The Allure of Esotericism in Art

Practiced throughout Asia, Egypt, and Europe from ancient era to high Renaissance time, the alchemy aspired philosophical and protoscientific culture had influenced everything from turning lead into gold, to creating an elixir for immortality for emperors. Just the word alchemy conjures up images of ancient pots of peculiar boiling liquids. But beyond the quests to […]

Why Is Art So Expensive?

What would you do with $500 million? (We’re talking record-setting-Powerball money here.) Perhaps, pay off your student loans, buy a home, and take a really fabulous vacation—but that’s peanuts to $500 million. For that kind of money, you could buy this 28-bedroom medieval castle outside of Paris—10 times over. You could buy a hundred Koenigsegg […]

How Art Meets Tech

People in the art world are often kind of like your parents learning how to text – they know that technology is a thing but they don’t have a ton of interest in learning to use it. And tech can be very overwhelming and intimidating if you’re not used to it – the art archival […]