ARTDEX is a  cloud-based website and mobile app art collection archive and management tool. It is also a professional social network platform that provides an easy-to-use social forum to create and share digital art inventories of both physical and virtual art collections.

ARTDEX will allow you, an artist, collector, curator, dealer/gallery, and all levels of art professional and art enthusiast, to connect and network, beyond geographical barriers and existing commercial art sale channels, to share undiscovered art, valuable art information, and inspiration with one another. Create a profile, share your collection and join our growing community!

What we offer

Manage the art you love through ARTDEX’s virtual collection. This serves as your personal archive for inspiration and reference. If you’re an artist or collector, you can catalogue your artwork by uploading artwork images to ARTDEX After which, you can share the artwork and network with other members, in order to bring awareness to your artwork, create a strong following and build a reputation from the global ARTDEX community of art lovers.

  • Benefit from the use of an ARTDEX custom vanity URL for easy and convenient sharing of your art portfolios or collections to promote and network with others.
  • Through the ARTDEX Mobile App, you can make instant updates, by snapping art images which will be saved directly in your collection folders (and your art image will never get mixed and lost with thousands of your family and holiday photos any more!).
  • On ARTDEX you will discover many up-and-coming artists and trending artwork that allows you to stay up-to-date with the fast-paced global art community!

Who are you?

ARTDEX offers a digital tool that is used by artists and professionals in the art world. This includes artists, art students, or art collectors of all levels, from casual art enthusiasts to art industry professionals, including: curators, private dealers & gallerists, art advisors, family & corporate collections, estates, appraisers, foundations, banks, art funds, art handlers, print publishers, small museums, municipal collections, universities, and more. ARTDEX’s easy and accessible web archive and management system provides a complete solution for those seeking to document and share art collections of all sizes and numbers in a dynamic online community.

Be Social or Private on ARTDEX

ARTDEX offers secure and easy to use privacy settings for your art collection management and social and professional networking experience with other members. You may opt to use a pseudonym or alias if you want to archive and showcase your art collections anonymously with other members on ARTDEX. Your artwork and collections will still attract an  art community following and start to build a global reputation around your valuable artwork and collections!

This domain, www.artdex.com, was generously donated by Upgradeable, one of the leading computer upgrade specialists in Australia.