Evolution of Abstractions: Philip Guston Now

Evolution of Abstractions: Philip Guston Now

“I don’t know what a painting is; who knows what sets off even the desire to paint? It might be things, thoughts, a memory, sensations, which have nothing to directly with painting itself. They can come from anything and anywhere.”– Philip Guston Philip Guston was continually trying to define painting, calling it everything from an “illusion” […]

The Permanence of Recycled Mosaic: El Anatsui’s Tribute to African History

Nigeria-based sculptor El Anatsui takes hundreds, if not thousands, of every day, mundane materials and transforms them into monumental works. El Anatsui has won many awards and prizes throughout his career, starting with an honorable mention at the 44th Venice Biennale in Venice, Italy. By 2008, the Museum of Art and Design in New York […]

Andy Warhol’s Legacy and the Business of Art

November 12 – The Whitney Museum of American art opened the most significant Andy Warhol retrospective in almost 30 years. A fantastic opportunity for the new generation of Americans to get to know the work of one of the most iconic artists of the 20th century… well, at least for those who love art. “From […]