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Being an artist is about more than just creating art. It’s also about organizing your work, connecting with collectors and other artists, and staying involved in the happenings of the art world. Being an artist means being part of a community. That used to mean keeping paper or spreadsheet records, using social media, and keeping up with your favorite art blogs and forums. Now, however, there’s a single tool that can handle all of those tasks: ARTDEX.

ARTDEX is a comprehensive art management program and digital art gallery. You can upload photos of your art along with the relevant information about each piece. You have a personal profile page, but each work has its own page as well. Other ARTDEX members can connect with you and add comments or additional information to your page or to the page of a particular work. For artists, ARTDEX provides a simple way to keep complete records of your work—your own art archive! In addition, it gives you access to a wide audience of art enthusiasts and lets you connect with others who create and love art.

Art Management, Not Computer Programming


This isn’t the first art management program. It is, however, the first art management program designed to be accessible to and usable by the general public. Programs like ArtSystems can handle all of your art organization needs, but they can be very difficult to learn. They might work for large galleries that have heavy inventory management needs and can afford to dedicate an employee or a team of employees to that task, but are probably too unwieldy for small galleries or individual artists. They can also be very expensive—a single copy of ArtBase, for example, costs a minimum of $1,500 to start and hundreds of dollars every month for the software subscription.


ARTDEX gives you the same services, but it’s set up like Pinterest or Instagram. You can keep all the relevant information about your work in one convenient location and it works like the programs you already use. Just upload the information about each piece as you create it—it only takes a minute. No need to go earn your computer engineering degree just to keep records of your work. That leaves you with plenty of time to do what’s most important to you: creating art!

Go Social


All art management programs are designed to help you keep and organize information about your art. However, that information is then stuck in a silo. It’s there when you need it, but it’s not connected to anything or anyone else in the world. You’re the only one with access to your work within those systems. If you already have all that information uploaded, however, why not share it with the world? Why not use it as a platform to get your work out there?

That’s one of the things that makes ARTDEX different. It takes an art organization program and makes it social. You can create your own profile and each work you create has its own page. Collectors, other artists, and other members of the art world can view, comment on, and follow your pieces. You may get valuable feedback, professional connections, and even new customers. By moving your collection online and staying active in the art community, you can bypass the hard slog of getting your work into physical galleries. Collectors and gallery owners can see your work and reach out to you directly–your audience is no longer limited to the people who you can get to physically lay eyes on your work.

Adding a social aspect to an art collection website, then, gives artists the opportunity to pick up commissions and crucial professional connections. It can also help you get inspired–you can check out the works of other artists you admire and see what’s going on in the hottest galleries around the world.

A New Art Community

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The art management aspect of ARTDEX is crucial, especially to individual artists who don’t have the resources to spend thousands of dollars and many hours working with a traditional art inventory management program. That alone is valuable, but the real difference ARTDEX will make is in the art community. It gives you a whole new way to get your work in front of people who are interested in art. It also gives you a way to connect with the artists and galleries you admire. Creation is often a solitary act, but the art world is social and ARTDEX is your way in.


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