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General Questions

What is ARTDEX?

ARTDEX is an online, social art collection management platform that enables collectors, artists, and galleries to create, organize and archive their digital art inventories. ARTDEX provides an easy-to-use forum to share art holdings with like-minded individuals, while also allowing users to showcase and manage their collections in a secure cloud storage mechanism. Members can share, like, and comment on individual artwork, create collection galleries of their favorite pieces, and build their own online collection profile with an ARTDEX vanity URL. The ARTDEX Mobile App enables members to photograph art images that they like and save them directly to their personal digital archives.

What are the benefits of using ARTDEX?

ARTDEX is a free and easy-to-use online cataloguing tool for artwork and documents pertaining to one’s collection. Therefore, it mitigates the headache and cost of using a traditional “software-based” cataloguing system and allows for the easy organization of one’s collections of any size. Simultaneously, ARTDEX enables one to share his/her collections worldwide and is a social networking platform aimed at connecting art enthusiasts and creators on a local and global scale.  

Does membership cost?
No, ARTDEX is completely free.
How can I invite my friends to ARTDEX?

You can encourage your community of friends and family to join ARTDEX by sending them an invitation email, or through your Facebook friends or Google+ connections.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes you can download our mobile app here: App Store

How can I or my artwork be featured on ARTDEX?

You can be featured on My Feed and Connect pages by emailing the ARTDEX team at We will review your content and be in touch if we feel that your activity is a good fit for a feature post. 

Organizing Your Collection

I don't have an art collection. How do I use ARTDEX?

With ARTDEX you do not need to have an actual art collection. If you do have a collection, you can upload, catalogue and share it with the art world online. If not, you can create a virtual collection of your favorite pieces by following artworks that are already on our site. To make the process easier, we also have a ‘Suggested’ feature on the My Feed page: suggested artists, artworks, collections and people that you can start to follow and create your virtual collection from day one!

Can I buy the art?

ARTDEX does not currently offer a sell/buy feature but we will have one in the near future. If you are interested in buying or selling art, however, you can message the artist, or collector directly in a private message or comment on the artwork with your request. There is no fee associated with this feature of direct communication between you and the other members.

How can I create a Collection?

On the Organize page, there is the option to “Create Collection” and upload your artwork. You can also create a new collection when uploading artwork by clicking on the “Create Collection” button on the “Add Art” page.

I want to manage my collection without sharing it. How do I do that?

In order to make your collection private, go to the top right-hand side drop-down menu on the navigation bar. Then go to Settings and change the relevant Privacy Settings.

How do I share my collection with my friends?

You can find and make a vanity URL to share with your friends when you edit your profile and select its settings. Since ARTDEX is only accessible through membership, your friend needs to join ARTDEX in order to view your collections. It works just like Facebook and other social networking sites: friends can view your postings when they join Facebook and become your friend.  

How long can I archive my collection for?

As long as you choose to maintain it. You can discontinue your collection at any time by sending us an email to delete your account.

Can I create a co-owned collection with another user?

No you cannot co-own a collection with a different user; however you can share your collection with other users.


I have art collections, but I don't have the images. How do I use ARTDEX?

You can take a photograph of the artwork and upload it using the Add Art function. You can also search for the artwork on the ARTDEX database and add it to your collection by following it as your favorite.

What does following an artwork allow me to do?

This allows you to archive the artwork in your account. You can add the artwork to your collections, share the artwork and keep yourself up-to-date about the artwork and artist’s latest activities.

How do I favourite and unfavorite art?

Each artwork that you find on ARTDEX has a Follow, Share, Like or Tweet button. You can also unfavorite an artwork by clicking on the Unfollow button.


How can I reset my password or what do I do if I forget it?

You can reset your password in the Settings menu in the  top right-hand side drop-down menu on the navigation bar.You will be asked to provide your email address for account verification.

How can I update or delete my profile?

You can go to Settings and My Profile in the the top right-hand side drop-down menu on the navigation bar. You are able to edit your profile information there. If you wish to delete your profile permanently, please send us an email request to

Where can I see the users who are following me?

When you have a new follower, it’ll show on the Flag menu on the top navigation bar. You then have an option to “Connect” or “Ignore.” All of your connections will show on the top right-hand side drop-down menu “Connections.” You can also view the people you follow on the same drop-down menu “Following.”

Where can I see the artworks and users I am following?

All users and artworks that you are currently following are listed in the Following menu, which is in the top right-hand side drop-down on the navigation bar. You can also view the artworks and users you follow on the My Profile page.

Can I set a custom URL for my profile?

Yes you can. You can set your custom profile URL in the Settings menu in the same top right-hand drop-down on the navigation bar. You can share all of your collections with other member users by sending them your unique URL.

I don’t want people to be able to search my profile by name and information. Can I have a private account?

Yes you can keep your account private by changing your privacy setting in the Settings menu in the top right-hand drop-down on the navigation bar so that  all of your collections are for personal viewing.

How do I get notified when someone comments on my work?

You will receive an email from ARTDEX when someone comments on your work. You can set your notification settings in the Settings menu in the same top navigation bar.

How do I get notified when someone I am following updates his/her collection?

You can set your notification settings in the Settings menu to receive updates from the users that you are following.

My Collections

How do I add art?

You can add artwork in the Organize page. The “Upload Artwork” button on the left hand bar will allow you to add artwork.

My Collections and My Followed Art on “Organize” page, what’s the difference?

ARTDEX allows you to manage both your “physical” art collections and “virtual” art image archives. On the Organize page, you can click and choose between the My Collections or My Followed Art menu button to start creating your physical and virtual art collections.

How do users get notified when I update my work?

Users following your account will be notified on the notifications header. They will also receive emails about your activity as long as they agree to it on their settings page.


How do I search for collections similar to my own?

You can check out the collections owned by people who follow you and whom you follow. However, you can most effectively use the suggested collections on the left bar to search through different collections to find ones similar to your own.

How do I search for new artists or artwork that I might be interested in?

Your Feed will constantly be updated with new content where you can see your connections’ activities that might interest you. You can also use the Discover page to find new artwork and artists and start to Follow and Share to find further discoveries. Our featured content will keep you posted about our staff picks.

What are suggested artworks, artists and collections based on?

The suggested bar on the left rail is based on the quiz you partake in upon registering for ARTDEX. It is also based on the data collected from the content you upload, follow, like and share.


How do I know that my receipts and documents are safe?

All uploaded documents such as receipts and appraiser or insurance documentation are strictly for the user’s private viewing. You can access these documents whenever you wish, however these documents and information cannot be shared with other users on ARTDEX without your request or consent.

How can I get involved with ARTDEX?

Please refer to our Contact Us page.

Who can I contact about a partnership with ARTDEX?

Business partnerships or collaboration inquiries can be discussed by contacting us at