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Art collection tends to be more than just a hobby—it’s a passion. It takes time and care and money. You’re finding art that you care about and making it part of your life. You want to get the most out of your collection, which means keeping it organized, engaging in the art community, and keeping track of the artists and pieces you love. And of course, you’re always looking for new works. You probably use a variety of tools to manage your art—a digital art organization program, social media, maybe even spreadsheets—but what if you could do it all with just one program? That’s what ARTDEX is for. It makes managing your collection easy so that you can focus on the art. Better yet, it gives you a whole new way into the art world.

Get Your Ducks In A Row

Organize ARTDEXFinding those new pieces and acquiring them is thrilling, but the day-to-day management of your collection can feel like a chore. Of course, you need to keep complete records about each piece. That’s good information to have for the enjoyment and preservation of the art—the materials, title, and other bits of information can all be crucial to the experience and valuation of the artwork, particularly for appraisal or insurance purposes. It’s also important if you want to sell a piece or find another work by the same artist. As your collection grows, it can be tough to keep track of everything.

There are a number of art organization programs out there–ArtBase and Art Systems, for example. However, these types of programs tend to be geared toward large/commercial-scale collections and heavy-inventory outfits. They’re not designed or priced for your average collector. ARTDEX, on the other hand, works just like the social media platforms you already use. You can upload your information with just a few clicks and your digital art collection is ready to go! Organizing your collection doesn’t have to be such a hard slog anymore.

Start Discovering Art

Discocer ARTDEXHow do you find the pieces and artists you love? Maybe you wander the galleries, art fairs, and events. Maybe you’re involved in physical or online communities of artists and art lovers. Those are good ways to see new works, but putting art online opens up a whole new world of art discovery.

Remember the days before Facebook? You had to actually meet people in person in order to become friends. Now, you can connect with people around the world based on similar interests or strings of mutual friends. ARTDEX works like that, too. You can see other members’ digital art collections no matter where the original pieces are. Artists can put their artwork up for you to see without having to get into a gallery first. That gives collectors and curators way more variety to choose from.

One side effect of discovering art, of course, is a strained budget. Use ARTDEX to keep a wish list of pieces you love so that you have a shopping list ready when you have a little extra cash.

Get Connected

Connect ARTDEXThe art community can be tough to break into. There are a few major artists, patrons, collectors, galleries, and other individuals who from a visible “art community,” but they’re a small group and they’re not always interested in opening up to outsiders. Unless you’re part of that small inner circle, creation and collection can be fairly solitary endeavors. You may have friends who are interested in creating or collecting art, but what if you had access to a whole global community built around art?

ARTDEX isn’t just about connecting people–it’s about opening up art to the world. Your collection and every other collection are isolated in silos until you put them online. It’s a digital art gallery and it’s social–you can connect with other collectors, galleries, artists, and enthusiasts and see their collections. Of course, that may be too social—privacy online is always important and even more so if your collection is very valuable or if you just don’t want to share all the details. If that’s the case, you can always use a pseudonym to protect your identity. It can be whatever you want: Lady Gaga, PicassoPal22, or just John Smith. Then you get the benefit of the community engaging with your art (and increasing the valuation) without the risk of your personal details leaking out.

In addition to seeing other collections and letting other people see yours, you can also engage with each artwork or with each individual on the site. Start a conversation, make a friend, explore the galleries of people around the world. You may even learn something new about your own pieces as other members comment on and engage with your collection gallery. Instead of working through a mediator like a traditional gallery or an art dealer, you can use ARTDEX to connect directly to the artists you love. Talk to them about their work. Ask them questions. Maybe even commission a new piece or acquire one of the works they’ve put up in their gallery. The social aspect of this art collection website can make every piece and every collection personal.

Change The Way You Collect Art

ARTDEX is built on a love of art. We want to see it, talk about it, spread it to the world, and meet other people who love it like we do. This is a whole new way to collect and connect the artworks and collections of art lovers around the world. You can use ARTDEX to organize your collection—that alone is handy—but you can also use it to join the new art world. Are you ready?


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