‘2018 ARTDEX Art Competition’ Winner Announcement

Over the past few months, ARTDEX has received numerous brilliant artwork submissions from talented worldwide artists attending our Inaugural Art Competition. We would like to thank you for your continuing contribution and daily endeavor to inspire the global art community. We are honored to announce the six artists selected from our esteemed jurors. Each winner […]

Demystifying the Contemporary Art World: Where to Begin

If you’ve ever entered a museum and found yourself embarrassed or confused, you indeed wouldn’t be the first. While others say they see a majestic rainforest, all you see are splotches in varying shades of green.   While others ooh and aah and are quick to interpret the artist’s choice of colors, lines, and technique, […]

Conceptual Art: Why Is It So Difficult To Understand?

If you haven’t quite grasped what conceptual art is, don’t be too hard on yourself. Defining it is one thing, understanding it is something else and difficult, even for those who frequent the art circles. Conceptual art or conceptualism is art that has moved beyond traditional aesthetics or even materials. Conceptual art has been widely […]

Our Favorite Online Art Companies

When we think about online art companies, we most often think of places that sell art online. And there are certainly many companies that do that! But it’s not quite that simple. First off, those sales platforms have tons of different offerings and services. And there are plenty of different, non-sales offerings out there for […]

Nudes, Prudes, And Attitudes

Have you ever seen a picture of Michelangelo’s David or been lucky enough to see it in person? It’s a stunning sculpture art, with incredible attention to anatomical detail. It’s arguably the most famous sculpture in the world. Oh, and he’s naked. Totally exposed. Maybe you heard about Poppy Jackson’s 2015 performance piece, Site, in […]

Discovering the Undiscovered: Armory Show’s Focus This Year on African Art

The Armory Show is one of New York’s most famous and important international art fairs, offering high-quality modern and contemporary art with a focus on new and emerging voices in the visual arts world. 2016’s Armory Focus was African Perspectives—Spotlighting Artistic Practices of Global Contemporaries. It will examine the art world from a contemporary African […]

The Changing Face Of The Art Museum

From “Creating a new museum definition – the backbone of ICOM” | Image source: icom.museum

Picture an art museum—you’re probably thinking of a huge building with either a classical facade or a super-modern edifice with lots of windows and unusual angles. The art inside of it is probably divided into sections by time period and geography. And it probably has a room or two for temporary exhibits. For a lot […]