Best Free Resources for Photographers

Best Free Resources for Photographers

On every given day, Facebook reports over 300 million photos being uploaded by users worldwide. When it comes to Instagram, that number is somewhere around 95 million. While this doesn’t mean that all of these photographs are professional, it does stand to show that photography is, at least, a favorite hobby and pastime for many […]

Should I Write an Artist Statement as an Artist?

For some artists, crafting a compelling artist statement comes as naturally as creating their works of art. For others, the very thought of writing about themselves and explaining their methods is enough to give them anxiety. But before you dismiss writing your artist statement, consider your audience and the repercussions of not having one. Without […]

How Do I Write an Artist Statement?

Writing your artist statement and expressing your work in words can be challenging, especially for those who want their artwork to speak for itself in its visual form. Some may argue that the visual arts aren’t meant to be muddled with verbal cues or descriptive words. Also, there’s the fear that the lack in writing […]

The Complete Guide to Writing an Artist Statement

Whether it’s a single piece of art or your whole body of work, an artist statement can provide clarity and context to your purposes and processes. A good artist statement can have the power to sway how an audience distinguishes your work. Providing insight on your choice of mediums or the themes you’re aiming to […]