Using a Bookmarklet to Add Art to ARTDEX While Browsing the Web

Open book | Photo by Ben White on Unsplash
Open book | Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


Using ARTDEX’s Bookmarklet

ARTDEX’s bookmarklet allows you to quickly and easily upload and catalog images of artwork you encounter while browsing the web. By using the bookmarklet you cut out the process of having to download and save the image on your hard drive before being able to upload it to ARTDEX. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to use ARTDEX’s bookmarklet to add artwork to your collections.

After signing in to your ARTDEX account, click “Organize” from the left navigation menu and then select “Upload Artwork.”

ARTDEX Add to Art Bookmarklet

In the left hand column, below the navigation menu, you’ll see a box entitled “Bookmarklet” with installation instructions.

Your first step is to click and drag the “Add to ARTDEX’ button to your bookmarks bar in your browser.

ARTDEX bookmarklet

Need help locating your bookmarks bar? Check out the following screenshots of bookmark bars on commonly used browsers.

Bookmarks bar on Google Chrome


Bookmarks bar on Mozilla Firefox


Bookmarks bar on Safari


Bookmarks bar on Internet Explorer


Once you’ve got the “Add to Artdex” button in your bookmarks bar, you’re ready to start browsing! To test the button, navigate to a website or webpage with your favorite art images (we used the Times Quotidian page) or a specific art image you wish to upload and catalog.

Then, simply click the “Add to ARTDEX” button in your bookmarks bar.

Add to ARTDEX bookmarklet

After you’ve clicked “Add to ARTDEX,” you’ll see a button saying “Click to Add” appear over top all the images on that page. Select “Click to Add” for the image you wish to to upload to ARTDEX.

Add to ARTDEX bookmarklet

You’ll then be forwarded back to the “Add Art” page on ARTDEX. All you have to do is type in the pertinent information for the piece of art, add it to a collection, and hit “Finish & Upload”—and you’re good to go.


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