Women Representation in Art, Is It Changing?

Graffiti artist Miss Van in front of her work at Wynwood Walls in Miami

Women have been integral to the world of art for centuries. As innovators in artistic expression and the source of inspiration, it makes one wonder why despite outnumbering men at art school, remain underrepresented in the industry. The numbers don’t lie. In 2016, according to the Universities and Colleges Admissions Services, 63% of undergraduates studying […]

The Marriage of Art and Fashion

Fashion loves art and art loves fashion. The long-standing relationship between art and fashion have shared a colorful and fascinating history over the years. Despite what some may say are striking differences in industry, the argument has been that fashion can be in fact, an art form— achieving elevated aesthetic beauty and command an artful […]

Power of Art: Can Art and Creativity Change the World?

“It lies in the power of art to honour the elusive but real value of ordinary life. It may teach us to be more just towards ourselves as we endeavour to make the best of our circumstances: a job we do not always love, the imperfections of age, our frustrated ambitions and our attempts to […]

Nudes, Prudes, And Attitudes

Have you ever seen a picture of Michelangelo’s David or been lucky enough to see it in person? It’s a stunning sculpture art, with incredible attention to anatomical detail. It’s arguably the most famous sculpture in the world. Oh, and he’s naked. Totally exposed. Maybe you heard about Poppy Jackson’s 2015 performance piece, Site, in […]

Connecting on ARTDEX

Tattooed woman on laptop by Brooke Cagle @brookecagle on Unsplash

There are already ways to upload your art collection to the web or create an online archive—ARTDEX also does those things, but it goes one step further. ARTDEX is designed to help individuals in the art world—artists, collectors, galleries, enthusiasts—connect to one another over their shared love of art. So once you’ve joined the ARTDEX […]

40 Years Later, We Still RSVP Yes To Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party

The Dinner Party installation art by Judy Chicago | Image source: thingsmag.us

Picture a triangular table, 48 feet to a side. Along each side, there are 13 place settings—39 in all. Each setting has a runner embroidered in a unique style. Along the first side, the places are reserved for mythical and historical famous women from prehistory to the time of the Roman Empire. The second side […]

My Journey: In Search For The Ultimate Digital Art World

Morgan Library II - Limited Edition 1 of 10, photography by Reinhard Görner | Image source: saatchiart.com

Oh Rembrandt and More Rembrandt.. My Inspiration In the second year of my Masters program at Christie’s, I interned at the Morgan Library and Museum’s Drawings and Prints Department as a curatorial researcher. After graduation, I was hired for the museum’s very first online art cataloguing project, “Corsair,” for the museum’s extraordinary Rembrandt prints (etchings) […]

Fake Fur And Feminism: The Guerrilla Girls Are Fighting For Equality

The New York activists, the Guerrilla Girls' fight against discrimination in the art world. Image credit: Lois Greenfeld | Image source: dw.com

  In 1984, MoMA opened an exhibition, “An International Survey of Recent Painting and Sculpture,” to showcase the most important contemporary artists in the world. In total, it included the works of 169 artists. Of those, 13 were female. In response, a group of 7 female artists donned gorilla masks to protest the gender bias […]