Best Free Resources for Painters

Best Free Resources for Painters

The concept of innate artistic talent is incredibly seductive. However, natural talent can be uncommonly rare. As Albert Einstein once famously put it, “genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work…” Also, Anders Ericsson, a Conradi Eminent Scholar and professor of psychology at Florida State University, said that “…we can explain what people observe […]

Best Free Resources for Artists

Best Free Resources for Artists in 2020

Are all artists “doomed” to a life of solitude, paying with their social life in exchange for brilliance and creativity? That would be the case according to Ernest Meissonier, an acclaimed and greatly successful 19th-century French Classicist painter and sculptor. In his book entitled The Studios of Paris: The Capital of Art in the Late […]

Berlin Launches Its Grant Program to help Artists and Freelancers during Coronavirus Lockdown

Germany Virus

The coronavirus pandemic is having massive economic consequences, with many people in Germany and beyond losing their jobs or facing financial difficulties.  The Berlin government decided to act quickly, creating an emergency relief program in partnership with the Investitionsbank Berlin, offering €5,000 to individuals freelancers and up to €15,000 to small businesses. So far, over […]

Rich and Complex Power and Beauty: Women of the Arab World

Tahmineh Monzavi. All About Me; Nicknamed 'Queen Maker' 5. Photography. 2015. Edition of 30 | Image source:, Image credit © Tahmineh Monzavi

“I am amazed by the misconceptions about Muslim women and the Arab world that I hear, and that really hurts me,” says Jordan’s Queen Rania Al Abdullah. Queen Rania is one of the most influential women in the Middle East and the patron of I AM, an East-West peace-building exhibition which includes the works of […]

Late Bloomer Artists We Love

"Soir Bleu" painting by Edward Hopper (1914) | Image source:

It wasn’t until the death of his wife that Monet began to really paint; he was in his 40s. American realism artist, Edward Hopper, wouldn’t sell a painting until his 30s but wouldn’t gain notoriety for his unique style until a decade later. After years of being rejected by Paris Salon and exhibiting a few […]

Mona Lisa Curse?


“Art should make us feel more clearly and more intelligently. It should give us coherent sensations, which otherwise we would not have had. That is what brought me to this city. That is what market culture is killing.” – Robert Hughes The Mona Lisa Curse is a Grierson award-winning polemic documentary film by art critic […]

My Journey: In Search For The Ultimate Digital Art World

Morgan Library II - Limited Edition 1 of 10, photography by Reinhard Görner | Image source:

Oh Rembrandt and More Rembrandt.. My Inspiration In the second year of my Masters program at Christie’s, I interned at the Morgan Library and Museum’s Drawings and Prints Department as a curatorial researcher. After graduation, I was hired for the museum’s very first online art cataloguing project, “Corsair,” for the museum’s extraordinary Rembrandt prints (etchings) […]

Discovering the Undiscovered: Armory Show’s Focus This Year on African Art

The Armory Show is one of New York’s most famous and important international art fairs, offering high-quality modern and contemporary art with a focus on new and emerging voices in the visual arts world. 2016’s Armory Focus was African Perspectives—Spotlighting Artistic Practices of Global Contemporaries. It will examine the art world from a contemporary African […]

The Changing Face Of The Art Museum

From “Creating a new museum definition – the backbone of ICOM” | Image source:

Picture an art museum—you’re probably thinking of a huge building with either a classical facade or a super-modern edifice with lots of windows and unusual angles. The art inside of it is probably divided into sections by time period and geography. And it probably has a room or two for temporary exhibits. For a lot […]

ARTDEX For Artists

Image source:

Being an artist is about more than just creating art. It’s also about organizing your work, connecting with collectors and other artists, and staying involved in the happenings of the art world. Being an artist means being part of a community. That used to mean keeping paper or spreadsheet records, using social media, and keeping […]