Best Free Resources for Painters

Best Free Resources for Painters

The concept of innate artistic talent is incredibly seductive. However, natural talent can be uncommonly rare. As Albert Einstein once famously put it, “genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work…” Also, Anders Ericsson, a Conradi Eminent Scholar and professor of psychology at Florida State University, said that “…we can explain what people observe […]

Best Free Resources for Artists

Best Free Resources for Artists in 2020

Are all artists “doomed” to a life of solitude, paying with their social life in exchange for brilliance and creativity? That would be the case according to Ernest Meissonier, an acclaimed and greatly successful 19th-century French Classicist painter and sculptor. In his book entitled The Studios of Paris: The Capital of Art in the Late […]

How to Exhibit and Sell Your Artwork

How to Exhibit and Sell Your Artwork

Say, you are an emerging artist looking to exhibit and sell your artwork. You’ve been toiling since art school, spending time, money, and resources on learning and perfecting your craft. Now, it’s time to think about art marketing, your branding, and place in artist communities. But as most of us know, making money as an […]

How Do I Write an Artist Statement?

Writing your artist statement and expressing your work in words can be challenging, especially for those who want their artwork to speak for itself in its visual form. Some may argue that the visual arts aren’t meant to be muddled with verbal cues or descriptive words. Also, there’s the fear that the lack in writing […]

Art Fairs Model – Good or Bad?

Art Fairs Model – Good or Bad?

According to The Art Market | 2019, the annual global art market analysis by Art Basel and UBS, sales in the global art market reached a staggering $67.4 billion in 2018. The U.S. accounted for 44% of sales, making the nation the largest art market worldwide. With an estimated $16.5 billion, art fair sales account […]

Art and Money Series Part. 2: Why It’s Complicated

“I always loved swimming pools, all the wiggly lines they make,” said David Hockney, the author of a painting “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)” that set the record for a work by a living artist sold atauction. “If you photograph them (swimming pools), it freezes them whereas if you use paint, you […]

Andy Warhol’s Legacy and the Business of Art

November 12 – The Whitney Museum of American art opened the most significant Andy Warhol retrospective in almost 30 years. A fantastic opportunity for the new generation of Americans to get to know the work of one of the most iconic artists of the 20th century… well, at least for those who love art. “From […]

Auction to Private Art Sales: Art Market Power Shift

There has been a noteworthy power shift in high-end art market eco-system in the recent time. Auction house that has been an unshakable power base to headline-making top-end of the art market throughout the post-war era to the recent decades, no longer seems to be a flag bearer of the highly lucrative secondary art market. […]

Mona Lisa Curse?


“Art should make us feel more clearly and more intelligently. It should give us coherent sensations, which otherwise we would not have had. That is what brought me to this city. That is what market culture is killing.” – Robert Hughes The Mona Lisa Curse is a Grierson award-winning polemic documentary film by art critic […]